Finding the Most Up-to-date Popular Betting Sports

Sports betting has come a long way from the days of visiting the seedy, smoke-filled, male dominated high street bookies. Nowadays, due to the evolution of on-line sports betting coupled with the rise in PC and smartphone ownership, gambling revenue has increased dramatically and has grown globally into a billion-dollar industry accessible to all. Let's look at some of the more popular betting sports in today's gambling world.

Horse Racing

Most Popular Sports to Bet On

Although in competition with other sports such as tennis and golf, betting on the gee-gees is still very popular with punters, grossing over £4 billion in gambling revenue in the UK in 2019. It certainly is a thinking man's sport and great enjoyment can be had "studying the form" adding to the excitement of the whole experience. Online gambling ensures that you can bet on a big occasion like a Grand National or bet on races in other parts of the world from America to Australia 24/7.

Football (Soccer)

Most Popular Sports to Bet On

Football is one of the most popular betting sports on the planet. Fans are passionate about their teams and can place all kinds of bets from the first goal scorer to the full-time score and everything in between. The English Premier League is a favourite, but many countries have their own famous leagues. There is always a huge surge in the Beautiful Game's popularity around the time of the World Cup, when even non-bettors like to have a flutter.


Most Popular Sports to Bet On-usa

Recently tennis has been serving itself well among popular betting sports and bets can be placed on the match result as well as on the results of each set. It's super enjoyable to watch and big stars such as the William sisters and Rafael Nadal have no doubt added to its popularity. With four Major Opens across three continents there is an event to bet on almost all year round.


Golf also has four main Major Opens, with smaller competitions frequently played throughout the world, so you'll never be short of a game to bet on. The golfing world has many stars but as well as talent, the rub of the green often determines the final score, so within reason it could be any man's game. The bookies know their business well when setting the odds to generate maximum gambling revenue, but they have no control over that rainy night in Georgia - so it could be worth your while placing a bet on an outsider finishing on top of the leader board.

Other Popular Betting Sports

American Football, although not played world-wide, is widely betted on, especially on Super Bowl night, generating gambling revenue of over $320 in the US.

Modern trends indicate that sporting fans are placing bets on games they are most familiar with and other sports making the popularity cut include:

  • Cricket
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Snooker
  • Hockey